Den: Start-Up

Start-Up is a week-long design sprint hosted by FLUX - the UX club in collaboration with SCADpro. Student teams were given seven days to fully develop and flush out a startup idea and pitch it to industry professionals, from companies such as IBM, Google, and Adobe. My team made it into the final four and placed 2nd overall. Our concept focused on a platform that helps women of domestic abuse escape cleanly and safely from their abuser and begin on a path towards recovery.


Project Context

SCAD Start-Up 2020
1 Week Design Challenge


App Interface
911 Key-Chain Prototype
Home Security System
Securitas Partnership
Business Model

Team Members

Edena Alvarado
Gabriel Vizcarrondo
Andrea Guth Vega
Harsh Singhal
Taylor Primuth

My Roles

Project Lead
Visual Designer

Competition Contributors

Savannah Economic-
Development Authority (SEDA)

Den Application

Thanks to our established partnership with Securitas, our Den Homes are eqiped with a security alarm system to enure safety for our users and hosts.

All users are given a 911 key toggle that contacts authorities with the click of a button incase their abuser ever shows up unannounced.

Securitas Partnership

911 Key-Chain

Den Support Timeline

Start-Up Presentation