Odum is the ultimate ecosystem that brings high – fidelity music visuals alive in your space. Odum creates a fully customizable multi-sensory music experience with 360-degree immersive projections. By focusing on the three main concept pillars; discovery, creation, and experience, Odum allows the user to access the sensory experience of live music in their own space, on their own terms.


Project Context

Human Computer Interaction
10 week project timeline


App Interface
Projector Prototype

Team Members

Edena Alvarado
Ford Williams
Maverick Quiros
Ramya Kuchimanchi
Taylor Primuth

My Roles

Project Coordinator
Research Lead
Ideation Lead

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the users desire for sensory experiences created by music and the barriers that inhibit these opportunities with our Odum ecosystem.

The Problem

Our Goal

Many people love music and the sensory experiences that come with live music. However, many people have limited opportunities to these events due to various barriers.

The Solution

A multi-sensory ecosystem to bridge the gap between the user’s desire for sensory experiences created by music and the barriers that inhibit them.


Follow, connect and share presets with fellow Odum users. Create a preset just for your home or bring your device on the go. With our algorithm, Odum recommends curated presets based on your playlists and visual preferences learned from the on-boarding process.


With fully customizable projections, Odum goes where no other compact home projection system has gone before. Pick your desired projection visuals and personalize them to your space.


A new realm of experiencing music visuals in your space awaits you. Odum fuses together localized sound with its wireless speaker and fully immersive projected visuals with its 360 degree camera to create an experience that was once only available at a concert.

Edena Alvarado

Giving the 5W's to Design.